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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mocavo Scanning Project

Mocavo, the new kid on the block in the world of genealogy, has a new endeavor.

Free scanning service :

Mocavo Announces Free Scanning Service! Get your records in to us to help us with our goal to make family history accessible to everyone!

from their advertisement, "From now until the end of the year we will scan your documents, send you a digital copy, and put them online at Mocavo — for FREE! We will even send your materials back to you, if you choose.  We work with our community to bring all of the world’s genealogical information online for free putting everyone’s family history within reach.  We are bringing lots and lots of historical information and databases to Mocavo; but, don’t let us have all the fun.  Join in!"

This sounds like a good deal if you are all for putting free information out there for all to see and use.  Once it is out there, you can't get it back.  Keep that in mind.

What would you NOT want to have scanned and on the Internet?  Obviously, not anything about any now living persons.  And, perhaps making sure that a considerable amount of time has passed after the death of a person before posting any vital information on them.  You never know who might have some evil ideas about what one can do with recent information about a deceased person.

These are desperate times, and that creates desperate people.  Before allowing Mocavo, or any other organization, scanning privileges with your documents and research materials, consider very carefully what potentially harmful information you might be releasing.

Just sayin...

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