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Friday, November 2, 2012

Keeping Organized

This is a post that I should read, and reread from time to time.

Keeping yourself organized and focused....yeah right.  So everyday I make a list of things that I need to do, and those things that I'd like to do.  Do I complete everything on that list?  I wish.
Is it impossible to complete everything on that list? No.  So why don't I get everything done when I would like to?  Easy.  I lose my focus, which makes me disorganized, and I fail at meeting my goal.

What should I do to keep myself as productive as I can?  Stop screwing around and get back to business.  Organize my priorities, focus on the top items of importance on a daily basis, and carry out my plan without getting distracted and lured off course.  Is this possible?  I hope so.

I had signed up to participate in a program where I had agreed to post on this blog every day during the month of November.  Well, here it is the 2nd day of November, and this is the first post of the month.  Oops.  Gosh, not even 24 hours had gone by and I was not able to abide by the agreement that I had made with myself and that blogging program.  Am I a failure?  Well, I could say "yes", but then that would be very negative on my part.  I'll let this one day slip by, then I will regroup and give myself the encouragement to jump back in the saddle and post everyday in November of 2012, just like I had agreed to.

So, now that I have made a public confession, I can carry on knowing that I need to become more organized.  Getting back in the game, getting back to business, knowing that I do have some faults I  can overcome will become my goal.  Can I do it? You bet I can.

My goal will be to write everyday on this blog on relevant issues regarding my experiences with genealogy and historical research.  There are so many things that I have uncovered over the past 10 years of research.  It's time to share it all right here.  Hopefully, others will learn from what I have done, and learn from my mistakes, too.  Onward!  Til tomorrow's posting.  Get ready world.  This blogger is going to get organized and post her heart out.

Toodles, til tomorrow.

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