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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hungarian Research

The Genealogy News - weekly edition

OK, so not too long ago I mentioned the postings that give you sort of an index on the most recent blogs and articles written regarding genealogy and historical research.

Today I received the most recent notice from this service.  Boy, am I excited.  I had been trying to do a little research on the Hungarian side of my family. I don't speak or read Hungarian. There were only a few FHL films available to view the civil records of my ancestors' hometown. I really had not been able to get as far as I would like with my Hungarian research. But today I have new reasons to be exited about reviving my interest in this part of my heritage.

The first posting on the notice was Hunting Hungarian Heritage.  The resource was from GenWeekly, and this article contained the most comprehensive information that I need to restart my Austro-Hungarian genealogy research.

The first part of the article give a rather nice history of the area we now call Hungary.  Then it gets to the meat of the information that made me click my heels.  They mentioned a list of heritage organizations and their locations. Contacting these could be a good move.

  • American Hungarian Federation (AHF) - Akron, OH
  • (American Hungarian Folklore Centrum (AHFC), Bogota, NJ. Online at
  • American Hungarian Reformed Federation (AHRF), Washington, D.C.
  • Hungarian American Coalition (HAC) (Magyar-Amerikai Koalíció [MAK]), Washington, D.C.
  • Hungarian Association of Cleveland (Clevelandi Magyar Társaság), Cleveland, Ohio
  • Hungarian Cultural Foundation (HCF), Stone Mountain, Georgia
  • American-Hungarian Foundation (AHF), Hungarian Heritage Center, New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Hungarian Reformed Federation Library and Archives, Bethlen Home, near Ligonier, Pennsylvania
Next, they listed books that are focused on Hungarian Genealogy and Heritage

  • "German towns in Slovakia & Upper Hungary: a Genealogical Gazetteer," by Duncan B Gardner, Lakewood OH. Family Historian, 1991 3rd edition, revised and expanded.
  • "Contents and addresses of Hungarian archives: with supplementary material for research on German ancestors from Hungary," by Edward R Brandt, Baltimore MD. Clearfield, 1998.
  • "Handy Guide to Hungarian Genealogical Records," by Jared H Suess, Logan, UT. Everton Publishers, 1980.
  • "Major Genealogical Record Sources in Hungary," by the Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City, 1972.
  • "How & Where to Research Your Ethnic-American Cultural Heritage: Hungarian Americans," by Robert D Reed and Danek S Kaus, San Jose CA. R and E Publishers, 1994
  • "Austro-Hungarian Genealogical Research," by Samuel Falkenstein; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Genealogical Library, Avon OH; the compiler, 1985.
  • Records of Genealogical Value for Hungary," by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Genealogical Dept., Salt Lake City, UT, 1979.
  • "Radix - Genealogy Research in Hungary;" eBook, in English. This is a web site devoted to Hungarian genealogy. Some features are free to the public, while others require a fee. Site includes a collection of about 800 pictures from old Hungary, as well as an extensive list of links to other Hungarian genealogical sites
Several websites were mentioned for further direction

I must mention that a researcher by the name of Lisa Alzo, of Ithaca NY, is a well know speaker and writer on Eastern European genealogical research. Anything that she has written is worth looking at! See her article at:

Cyndi's list is mentioned, along with FamilySearch, GenWeb and other better known sites

  • - contains links to various Hungarian birth, marriage and death records
  • - gives links to various Hungarian censuses.
  • - contains several links to Hungarian web sites.
  • - just what it says - links to various maps of the area.
  • - this has links to various German groups whose ancestors were from Hungary.
  • - exactly what it says!
  • Hungary GenWeb - the GenWeb site for Hungary
  • - the Hungarian Village Finder and Gazetteer, a subscription site of more than 30,000 place names.

  • Remember that some articles from GenWeekly are written exclusively for GenealogyToday.
    The source for this article:
    Source Information: GenWeekly, New Providence, NJ, USA: Genealogy Today LLC, 2013.

    As I posted previously, I heartily endorse and hope that you make good use of what they have to offer, too.