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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Italian Research

There are so many resources available to research Italian genealogical and historical records.  I just want to mention one that I happened upon just today.

This one is new, at least to me.

Italian Immigration Data : 1855 - 1900 

copyright 2013 by Crafted Knowledge

Thank you, Crafted Knowledge !!! They state that this entity has a goal to make educational and historical information available and free to the public

This site is invaluable for those of us who are continually looking for those pesky Italian names that are "creatively" spelled by transcribers of immigrant ship lists of passengers.

You know the names that I am talking about.  I know that you have seen them, and chuckled, like I do.

This database allows you to search for your Italian Immigrants name.  So far, so good.  But what makes this different?  You can search by first name, last name, AND by one letter at a time, as such:

names beginning with A, search by:

Aa  Ab  Ac  Ad  Ae, and so on
Aaa, Aab, Aac, Aad, Aae, and so on
Aaab, Aaac, Aaad, Aaae, Aaaf, and so on

You get the picture.  They bring up all names that have those criteria.  Click on the "suspected name" and you'll see where they have appeared on ship manifests,

Example:  a surname search with Aad returns this result:

0001Tre Aado31MItalyUSASteerageRugia05-12-1890

Cool, huh?  But wait, there's more!  Click on the name of this passenger, Tre Aado, and see what happens....voila!  A Passenger Record for Tre Aado who arrived in 1890

Passenger Record for Tre Aado

record id271754
date arrived05-12-1890
nameTre Aado
aka names
gender, ageMale, 31
purposeStaying in the USA
city residenceU
native countryItaly
embarkation portHamburg & Havre
travel compartmentSteerage
ship nameRugia

Neat, huh?  But wait, there's more!  Select the name of the ship, Rugia, and see what, bang, boom...  you get a list of all passengers who have appeared on the manifests of the Rugia. If you select the date of arrival, 5-12-1890, results will contain a list of all passengers who arrived on that very date, not just on the Rugia, but every other ship that arrived on that date.

OK, you can also search for a specific ship.  Across the top of the HOME page, select Immigrant Ships List.  

Here you will be treated to a whole list of ships, in alphabetical order, by date of arrival, number of Italian passengers, departure port and native country (Italy) and destinations listed by the passengers.
Scroll through the list to find the Rugia (hint, it's on page 17), and you will see a listing of every arrival date of the Rugia.  It appears that this ship was in operation from April of 1889 until November of 1894.  These dates of arrival ARE NOT in chronological order, so be sure to look closely at this table of information.  The date of arrival for our passenger, Tre Aado, shows that there were 280 passengers from Italy, and the ship departed from Hamburg and Havre, as seen here :

05-12-1890280Hamburg & HavreItalyUSA

If we selected the date, 05-12-1890, the results would be a complete list of passengers on the Rugia from that date of arrival.  These passengers are listed in alphabetical order.

In my opinion, this is a step up from other online references for Italian immigrant ships.  I will certainly be using this site on my future projects.  What a great find!

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