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Monday, November 5, 2012

Books And Periodicals as Resources

Websites can be such fun to navigate when searching for data for your family tree.  But, don't forget that there are still  so many resources that are not on the Internet.  Books and periodicals can provide such great clues when trying to break through those pesky brick walls.

There are many older history volumes that have been digitized and are accessible online.  Many more have not been, and can still be accessed through inter library loans.  Here are some great websites to browse that may just have what you are looking for regarding Illinois and the world :

   Books We Own
       You can contact book owners and ask them to look in their volumes for family names, dates, etc.
   BYU Family History Archive
       Harold B. Lee Library at BYU Digital Collections
   Genealogy Book Links
       Biographies and Family Genealogies
   Google Books
      Search for any book, with the ability to locate it, read it online, download, or order.
   Illinois Periodicals Online
      A digital imaging project at Northern Illinois University
   Internet Archive
      A digital archive containing video, audio, music and texts

Have some fun exploring with these and many more.  You never know what you might find.

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