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Sunday, September 18, 2016

What's So Special About Following Newsletters and Blogs?

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Why Follow Blogs and Newsletters for Genealogy?

Do you read many blogs and newsletters from individuals and associations?  No?  You should!!!

Online newsletters can tell you about things that you ordinarily would not know about.  Wouldn't you like to know when someone has published a book on the subject that you have been wondering about? What about finding a new database that just might have the information you have been needing to break down a brick wall in your research? These are just a few things that you will benefit from when you subscribe to newsletters and follow blogs.

Just a few of the many newsletter and blogs to check out:

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, by Richard Eastman.  Specific to genealogy, Richard tells you about all that is new in the world of genealogy research.  And, if he misses something, just send him a line and he will look into what you have suggested for his mailing.  Check it out at 

Genealogy Today, has articles, search tools and database links to the newest sites for online data sources.  There is also a Marketplace, Memberships and Database listing on their home page.  See what its all about at

Ancestry's Genealogy Newsletter, a portal to the Learning Center,, lets you follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Ancestry Blog in just a click away.  It also has links to tips, census and record information, new additions to the Ancestry community of databases, and an opportunity to subscribe.

GenealogyBlog,, is available as a free daily online magazine. It has a catagory search list on the home page so that you can find just the topic that you'd like to read about.  And there are so many topics listed.  I can't imagine what is not listed there, because it covers everything, and I mean everything.  Try this out.  You just might find something that you have been wondering about, or learn about a new topic.  Endless possibilities.

Geneabloggers, headed by Thomas MacEntee, and, Cyndi's List, have great collections of blogs related to history and genealogy.  Sit back, and click away.

Do you have some favorite Newsletters and Blogs that you follow?  Tell us about them, and share what you learn from them, and why you follow them.  Thanks in advance for your replies.

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