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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rarely Seen Photos of WWI

Rarely do you find photos that were confiscated from German prisoners of war circa 1918.
Luckily, my husband's grandfather, LeRoy Hessler Reif, was able to obtain photos during his time of service as a medic in World War I.  Each one tells a story about the individuals photographed.  Their lives were changed by the decisions of men who had enormous egos.

And, those servicemen who were lucky enough to carry cameras with them while they performed their duties, were able to capture in photos what the war was really like in Europe.

Laboring German Prisoners of War Guarded by American Soldiers in France

Some of the Youngest German Soldiers Captured.  They were Chained to Their Machine Gun to Prevent Them From Running Away, Scared of Their Fate.

The Kaiser Taking Time to Review His Troops.  This Photo was Just One of the Many Taken from  Captured German Soldiers.

The Kaiser's Officer Headquarters on the Front Lines

A Photo of Field Marshall Von Hindenburg

This was supposed to be the War to End All Wars.  Unfortunately, that dream was not fulfilled.  Countless fighting men and women have lost their lives to support the inflated egos of those who wish to rule the world by imposing their beliefs and ways of life on those who seek freedom to make their own decisions.  In the end, they will realize that God is the only one who is in charge.  And, no human being can replace Our Lord.  Until that thought is recognized by everyone, we will have to endure conflicts that create havoc in the lives of the innocent.

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