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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Weekly Genealogist - NEHGS

Do you put yourself on email lists for updates with societies and clubs?

Here is one that I highly recommend: The Weekly Genealogist, published by the New England Historic and Genealogical Society.  Their website :


Why do I love this newsletter?

They advertise special events sponsored by NEHGS.
Ancestry Day is March 2, 2013 in Boston, Mass. at the Sheraton Inn.  Sounds like fun to me.  Hope they have nice weather.

They give updates to the NEHGS staff.  David Allen Lambert is the new Chief Genealogist for NEHGS.

They advertise their special interest groups and activities and meeting dates.  FYI they have an Irish Genealogy Group which plans to meet on January 26, 2013.  If you are in Boston that day, you might just want to drop in.

They review new research websites.  This week they featured the Old Connecticut Path website, with a brief history and explanation of the significance of the information found here.  The Old Connecticut Path connected Cambridge to  Hartford.

There is always a Name Origins article.  Do you know the origins of the name NATHANETTA?
     As noted in today's article:
 From the male name NATHAN + diminutive suffix –etta. Nathanetta Frances (Arey) Gray, born 13 May 1860, the daughter of James R. and Lucy (Grush) Arey, died in 1890 in Rhode Island. Nathanetta was likely named after her maternal grandfather, Nathan W. Grush. (“Richard Arey and Some of His Descendants,” Register 87 (1933):18; Rhode Island Statewide Death Index, 1890–1900, #1890-714–17.)  

The Weekly Genealogists Survey asks readers to respond to a general genealogy query with a multiple choice answer.  The survey results are always posted the following week.  This week they ask if readers have discovered any maritime occupations in their family research.

Next is the Public Spotlight.  This is my favorite post of the Weekly Genealogist.  It is not just for New England research, but for all American research.  Today is devoted to library, cemetery, obits, directories  and images of Saginaw, Michigan.  Very cool stuff.

Stories of Interests always includes articles that may have been missed from publications of the many posts from research organizations/authors.  Interested in  the menu fare from President Abe Lincoln's second inaugural luncheon?  You can read about it in today's posting.

Lastly, there is always a reminder of the many Classic Reprints available at the bookstore from NEHGS.  From personal experience, you can get some great publications if ordered through them.  Sure, you might be able to read some of these online, but, how neat is it to have them in hand when you don't have electric power to turn on your PC (or Mac).

Ok, enough free advertising for NEHGS.  You get the picture.  I really like this weekly newsletter.  And, you will too.  Give it a try.  It's FREE.

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